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Title: Calling all jerky recipes
Post by: WolfBrother on December 25, 2019, 11:45:05 AM
Santa brought me a dehydrator.

What’s your recipe?
How does it taste?
Like you used too much Worcestershire sauce?

Title: Re: Calling all jerky recipes
Post by: Jerry D Young on December 25, 2019, 09:03:48 PM
You lucky Wolf, you!

My recipe:
1) A premium red meat roast. Elk prefered, next American Bison, then pasteured beef.

2) Trimmed well, sliced to ~1/4" thick and ~1" wide.

3) Toss the meat strips with a couple of shakes of sea salt. Very little salt.

4) Dehydrate at less than 105 degrees F until the strips will start to crack and raise up strands when bent to a 45 degree angle.

5) Once dry, vacuum seal with a dessicant or dry-pack can in #2, #2 1/2, or #3 lined metal cans. #10 and #12 cans I would not use as they are so large that any type of loss would be more catastrophic than losing just one or two of the smaller cans.

I have had jerky made this way, with only Seal-A-Meal storage bags used (no vacuum sealing back then) keep for well over 25 years. Yes, it is very dry, and does not have a great deal of flavor, but is still good, with most of the nutrition left, and entirely acceptable for use in broth and in soups.

I have only found one commercial jerky that kept for more than a year or so that was both soft and flavorful. That being Pemmican Brand that I picked up cheap after Y2K. The brand Pemmican, not the product pemmican.

Just my opinion.
Title: Re: Calling all jerky recipes
Post by: WolfBrother on December 26, 2019, 07:22:51 AM
Similar to my recipe.
I had a Nesco that died earlier this year and was hoping for another and put it on my "This is what I'd like for Christmas" list.  My wife decided the Elechomes Food Dehydrator 
 (https://smile.amazon.com/Elechomes-Dehydrator-Trays-Thermostat-Temperature/dp/B07VM7SXTQ)was better.  I was hoping for another Nesco so the trays would still be useable.
There are bigger and badder ones but I have yet had enough justification to get one.