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Title: Article - How to Dehydrate Chicken for Survival (With Pictures)
Post by: TWP on June 22, 2018, 11:37:19 AM
This is a useful skill which can be used now AND in a post-event world.

http://www.askaprepper.com/how-to-dehydrate-chicken-for-survival-with-pictures/ (http://www.askaprepper.com/how-to-dehydrate-chicken-for-survival-with-pictures/)

Technically, you do not need a dehydrator to do this, they just make it simpler.  You can dehydrate over a fire, in the (hot) sun or in your oven.

WARNING: This is raw chicken used here.  Do be aware and wash your hands and utensils before and during preparation.  Once the meat is dried, keep it that way and don't handle it with wet hands or wet kitchen surfaces.

Plan on how you will store the dehydrated meats.  Use Airtight containers and cooler storage temperatures.  You don't need refrigeration, but that will extend the storage life.  Freezing is an option also, if you have that option in the future.

[edit] DO NOTE the need to REMOVE FATS before drying... Easy with Chicken, not so easy with other meats which have marbling of fat in muscle tissue.